Say Goodbye To Energy-leaking Insulation


Insulation Removal in Massachusetts

Do you need to remove old insulation from your attic or elsewhere in your home? If you’re looking for insulation removal contractors in Massachusetts, call the team at Star Insulation Removal.

Our team replaces your old insulation with new and clean energy efficient fiberglass or cellulose insulation. In particular, your crawl space insulation is most susceptible to the effects of high moisture and condensation.


Quality Insulation Replacement Services

Our indoor air quality experts provide exceptional insulation replacement services for homes and businesses. Investing in the correct R-Value of attic insulation will help save money on your energy bills.

Why Should I Remove Old Insulation?
  • Remove wet insulation from a leaky roof or fire damage

  • Remove insulation containing mold or mildew

  • Remove insulation with evidence of rodent infestation

  • Remove existing insulation containing asbestos

  • Remove insulation for better indoor air quality

Our Process

Professional Insulation Removal Service

Step 1 – Prep/ Secure/ inspect work area and path to the work area.

We protect your home by using floor coverings and using plastic to protect your surfaces and reduce dust as the traffic is coming in and out of your home.

Step 2 – Insulation Removal

We will remove the existing insulation either by hand or using a gas powered heavy duty insulation removal vacuum that will remain outside and has a long hose that is connected to collection bags outside as well.

Step 3 – Clean the attic

We then vacuum the floor of the attic to remove any dirt and insulation dust leaving the attic floor ready for sensitization.

Step 4 – Sanitize and treat the attic

A EPA sanitizer will then be fogged into the attic to sanitize from any germs or other harmful bacteria that could be left behind from rodent feces.

Step 5 – Clean up

Upon completion of the attic insulation removal, we will then thoroughly clean up and leave the home in as good of shape or better than when we first arrived.

Step 6 – Inspect

When our work is done, we will do a walk through with you to ensure that you are satisfied with the quality of our work, and that there has been no damage to your home or belongings.

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